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Porting Your Plugin from Velocity 1.x.x

Velocity 3.0.0 includes important API changes from the Velocity 1.x.x series. Please read this document very carefully.

Minimum supported Java version bump

Velocity 3.0.0 now requires Java 11 and above.

Removal of legacy dependencies

We removed all support for the old text 3 library. For text 3.x.x (and all the APIs that depend on it), direct equivalents are available in Adventure which was introduced in Velocity 1.1.0.

toml4j, deprecated in Velocity 1.1.0 (as it is no longer maintained), has not been removed to provide more time for plugins to migrate to Configurate 3. However, you should prepare to either switch to Configurate 3 or shade toml4j into your plugin directly.

New asynchronous event system

Velocity 3.0.0 contains a backport of Velocity Polymer's event system, which differs from Velocity 1.x.x's event system in a number of ways. Velocity 1.x.x's event model forced all events to be executed asynchronously on a fixed-size thread pool, which has proven over time to be a flawed model.

Existing event handlers will continue to work unmodified on Velocity 3.0.0, as all event handlers are assumed to be asynchronous blocking handlers by default. However, there are some new APIs introduced for handling continuations - see the event API page for more information. However, you are encouraged to migrate your event listeners to the new event API paradigms.