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Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years, we've been asked many of the same questions by users. This FAQ attempts to answer as many of these questions from the user perspective.

What version of Java does Velocity require?

Velocity 3.3.x requires Java 17 or above.

Where can I find Velocity plugins?

A good source for finding plugins compatible with Velocity would be our plugin repository Hangar.

Does Velocity support plugins developed for BungeeCord or Waterfall?

No. Many of the things Velocity can do could not be done if we decided to support BungeeCord plugins.

However, certain plugins may have Velocity ports available or alternatives are available. In addition, plugins that support BungeeCord but only require that they are installed on the server (nothing on the proxy) typically use the BungeeCord plugin messaging channel, which is supported natively by the latest versions of Velocity.

Help, I can't connect to my server!

There are a few common causes for why you can't connect to the server.

Basic troubleshooting

As a first step, you should verify:

  • that your servers are started and are responsive to console input
  • that the proxy is started
  • that the server and proxy are bound to the appropriate port and IP

Improper player information forwarding errors

Can't connect to server lobby: If you wish to use IP forwarding, please enable it in your Bungeecord config as well!
Can't connect to server lobby: Your server did not send a forwarding request to the proxy. Is it set up correctly?

These errors are result of improper configuration. See Player Information Forwarding to learn how to properly set up player information forwarding.

Can't connect to server lobby: This server requires you to connect with Velocity.

This error is a result of enabling Velocity modern forwarding on your backend server, but not enabling it in Velocity. To fix this error, ensure that you have set up the correct player information forwarding method on the proxy. See Player Information Forwarding for more information.

Invalid payload REGISTER

[server connection] player1 -> hub has connected
[connected player] player1 (/localhost:58943): kicked from server hub: Invalid payload REGISTER!

This error typically occurs on Spigot-based servers when someone connects with a modded client. You can fix this issue if you use Paper (or a fork of Paper) 1.12.2 or above by adding the startup flag -Dpaper.disableChannelLimit=true to the server's startup flags and restarting the server.

Argument type identifier unknown

Argument type identifier <namespace>:<name> unknown.

If you receive this message, there are two possibilities. If you run a modded server and are using Fabric 1.16+ and above, update to at least Velocity 1.1.2 and install CrossStitch. (If you are running any other kind of modded server and have it working with Velocity, let us know!)

If you receive this message but run a Vanilla server, please report a bug to the Velocity issue tracker.

Read time out while switching to a Forge server

Particularly for some very large mod packs, there is an elevated risk of the connection between the player and the proxy dropping. There is not much we can do on the proxy end to alleviate this. We suggest either reducing the number of mods your server uses, or raise the read-timeout setting in velocity.toml and add the -Dfml.readTimeout startup flag to your Forge server and setting it to the value (in seconds) you chose for the proxy. For instance, if you determine that 120 seconds is the best read timeout to use, use -Dfml.readTimeout=120 and set read-timeout = 120000 in velocity.toml.

My forced hosts are not working!

First, double-check that you properly set up DNS records pointing to your proxy for the forced hosts you have selected. Forced hosts are not compatible with SRV records, so if you are relying on SRV records to direct the player to the proxy, you will need to find a way to get the proxy running on the default Minecraft port, 25565.

Plugins unable to modify messages or commands

A plugin tried to cancel a signed chat message. This is no longer possible in 1.19.1 and newer. Disconnecting player <player>

Starting with Minecraft 1.19.1, Mojang implemented a new chat system that encrypts each message with the signed key that each player has. Velocity does not yet have full support for cancelling or modifying this type of messages and commands, so you can install the SignedVelocity plugin, which will allow the message or command to be transmitted to your server, which, upon receiving it on the server, will apply the result computed in Velocity.