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Art Assets

This page provides the official PaperMC and Velocity logomarks and the terms under which you may use them.


The logomarks are subject to their own separate licensing terms and do not inherit any from the projects they represent.


You may:

  • Use the PaperMC logomark to represent the project in blogposts and other places in order to bring attention to the project.
  • Use the PaperMC logomark to represent Paper-Server in downloads, server selectors, and similar places.
  • Crop out extra transparent canvas space behind the PaperMC logomark, so it fits better next to other content.

You may not:

  • Alter any of the colors used in the PaperMC logomark.
  • Change the dimensions of the PaperMC logomark.
  • Create modified versions of the PaperMC logomark or derivative works of it.
  • Add your own project images or branding to the PaperMC logomark.
  • Claim the logomark as your own work or use it as a representation of your own projects.
  • Sell the PaperMC logomark on its own or as part of other products without explicit permission.
  • Alter the transparency of any elements within the PaperMC logomark.

PaperMC logomark


Please do not edit, recolor, rearrange, or distort the Velocity logo. Resizing the logo and cropping out any blank space is acceptable.

The logo should not be used in a matter that suggests the Velocity project officially endorses some product or service. For instance, you may advertise a plugin as being compatible with Velocity, but you may not make the Velocity logo prominent in that advertising.

Variants of the Velocity logomark may be found here.

Velocity logomark