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There are several requirements for events in the Paper API.


Note that while not all existing events may follow these guidelines, all new and modified events should adhere to them.

All new events should go in the package (sub-package of) io.papermc.paper.event.


All new constructors added should be annotated with @ApiStatus.Internal to signify that they are not considered API and can change at any time without warning.

Constructors that are being replaced, if they aren't being removed, should be marked with @Deprecated and @DoNotUse.


Certain API types are "mutable" which can lead to unexpected behavior within events. Mutable types like Location and Vector should therefore be cloned when returned from a "getter" in an event.


For an event class or any subclass of it to be listened to, a HandlerList field must be present with an instance and static method to retrieve it. See the docs for Event for specifics. This field should be static and final and named HANDLER_LIST.

Also consider not putting a HandlerList on every event, just a "common parent" event so that a plugin can listen to the parent event and capture any child events but also listen to the child event separately.